Saturday, June 2, 2007

As promised, demo photos (aka "Part II of Matchbooks: Raising the fun while raising the funds !!!")

Don't be shy- express yourself! With pricing starting at $.97 plus shipping.

How much of your individual being can we fit in on a matchbook cover?

Monogrammed match heads- why not? We wonder, does the "S" stand for Squirrel, or Supercool?! ;)
[editor's note: click on image to see extra detail of filligree-type pen and ink work)

Matchbooks-- Raising the fun while raising the funds !!! --------If you can dream it, we can make it!!

A few of us were speaking early this morning, brainstorming, and we came up with a fun(d)raising idea that is sure to please.

First though, wouldn't you agree that a wonderful way to show your personality is by owning and using items that reflect your personal style?

Isn't this the way that a lot of advertisers sell things to you?

If we want your money for us, wouldn't it be a good idea to offer a way for you to express your individuality by purchasing something from us or us providing some service that we could sell to you?

Yes, yes and yes!

Hold that thought, but it keep it mind as we bring up something that is/are neat but is/are often overlooked.


Matches are amazing- they start fires, light cigarettes, etc. They're a little "retro," a little "bad boy/ bad girl/ bad squirrel," and they are dangerous in many ways.

Yet many take these powerful packages for granted, often even not having them handy or being unable to find them when they need them.

So we're taking matches to the next level (the next good level, so it's a level above the one that they are existing on now) and offering matches that we'll be delightfully different and that will refuse to blend in.

We invite you to be the first to make a statement with the match books you carry and (on occasion) use.

Each matchbook will cost:

$.97 plus handling and shipping.

Bedazzlled or Rhinestoned books will be a little more...and we are always interested in a challenge...if you can dream it, we can make it.

Best to contact us via the comments section of the blog.

Examples will be posted shortly.

Proceeds will be going to new duds (sweatshirts and wind pants -we have to everything made custom b/c of our smaller stature) , a summer banquet and a possible surprise (whoops!) trip to Magic Mountain.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Manifesto / Intro (We're new at this, so bear with us...)

Hi from Sunny Southern California!

We're happy and excited to add our voice and perspective to the Trojan Family, but make no mistake we are setting up this blog to speak to the world!

Our hope and aim is to bring our unique experience to bear in a (mostly) thoughtful, though not excessively reverent, way.

Yes, we are all squirrels, but /and we have a request:

After reading our posts, resist the possible temptation to lump us together or write us off and say,
"That's what all squirrels say," or mutter to yourself "typical squirrel rant"...

THINK, and remember how you feel when you are judged as just-another-demographic-unit or subset of society.

In a word, check yourself before you have to correct yourself. (We love that phrase but didn't make it up- it's part of the urban vernacular.*)

We are all the same but unique, just like you :).

One more thing: we wholeheartedly believe that 'going within' will lead to universal themes and truth.

So our aim is to have the courage to be squirrelnal (think personal- but for squirrels) and to risk that vulnerability.

NOT to add to the cacophony to the Over Self Revealing Epidemic Dance Remix that's been blasting for the last decade**, but to speak to and for what exists in all of us.

Phew! Heady, heavy stuff right here off that bat, but we promise it won't be like this all the time, or even most of the time.

We're just trying let you know where we're coming from, and what our theme is.

To paraphrase what we heard Reese Witherspoon quote June Carter Cash post Oscar win a few years ago...

We're Just Trying to Matter

*Lots of neat words and sayings can be found at We turn to this it when the students use an expression that leaves us clueless. A word of warning though, some of the expressions are Not Suitable for Young Ears. And, as always, if you're a minor (and you know if you are or not)

**Is it Getting Louder? We think so!!