Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tom & the Myspace Gals

Are we crazy or just out of touch with the "myspacer scene?"
There are a lot of gals on myspace that want to be our friend.
At first we thought it was because we as squirrels have a reputation for being approachable, cuddly and having a keen sense of hearing (which makes us good listeners).
But there are some gals out there that are really, really, really forward, in a "party hearty" kind of way, and they keep asking to be our friends and so far we have said nothing and written nothing & they are making us nervous.

BTW, we have written to Tom about this.

Tom is everybody's friend, and we were hoping Tom could talk to some of these gals, but Tom isn't returning our emails. Do you think Tom thinks we are prudes? Do you think that Tom is siding with Shizue, Krystal, Bubbles & the rest of the gals that "wanna partay with u"? ("u" being us.)

Nanci's (with an "i" thanks!) Bag Contents, 9/19/07

Can you say workaround? This technology thing some times throws us for a loop, but we are a stubborn bunch and are now using a Flickr tool to link* this photo Nanci did.

This is a follow link to the one from last month....and yes, we have been working on this off and on for the last 5 weeks or so...when not jamming the big points on DK (Donkey Kong).

Flickr is phantastic photo phun! (we're also on the silly side, case you haven't noticed)

*hyper link, but we wish they would have called them hot links, because "hot link" sounds cool and delicious, but that's neither here nor there now, is it? Wait a minute, they don't call it hyperlink, they call it hypertext...we're so confused- see what we mean?!