Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please view a slideshow of our Totemic Images

Welcome to the USC Squirrels Slideshow of Totemic Images!


If we were indigenous peoples of the Northwest coast (US/ Canada), we may have erected a totem pole with these images carved into it, but we live on campus in South Los Angeles and found about this free slideshow software.

These are all very significant to us, and if you'd like to peek into our psyche, click the play triangle...and we'll have annotation tomorrow or the next day.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet the Manager of our Complaint Dept.- Oh-Kay Folks?

All you folks out there with non constructive criticism?

We'd like you to meet our new manager of the complaint dept!!!


JK!! :-]

This guy is fierce- and we had to share.

All rights reserved by everybody that's supposed to still have them, and we didn't see an artist's name or copyright attached to this, but we know somebody out there deserves a "HIGH- 5" and Harley's are cool and we don't want to be hit smooshed by a foot or run over by a really fast motor bike.

For the record, we really do believe that all criticism is constructive, even if it is to build a good picture of a bad apple- know what were sayin'?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back from Radical Sabbatical!!


We are back from our radical sabbatical and squirrel are our heads cleared or what!?

(Some may say are heads were always clear- if that's another way of sayin' empty LOL!!!!)


We're back and thank goodness all that sabbaticaling didn't affect our

krazee sense of humor...so watcha back!!!

On a serious note:

we are tremendously grateful for the enormous amout of emails of support and encouragement while we were away.

We are moved by all the goodwill you readers have shown us.

Monday, March 24, 2008

USC Squirrels Recommends---------------- Ghost Chat New England!!!

In what we plan to be first in an an ongoing series, the USC Squirrels editorial board [BTW, we still have a few open spots-actually all the spots are open except Board Director- and we would love to have you be among this elite group- qualifications include a commitment of 37 minutes per three weeks (in total, you don't have to log all that time at once), applicants must have a love of their (your) opinion. Liking literature, the internet, art, music, nature, the web, love and food are helpful but not necessary.

...is pleased and proud to present their first recommendation.

This is definitely what they have in mind when They say (or write) convergence- a tv show and robust online presence.

(Full disclosure, we have not seen the show or looked too deeply into the website, but we have strong feelings about what they have going on here, or seem to be have going on here through our cursory once over.)

See for yourselves, it's awesome, fun and interesting (or seems to be).

And remember, we do the hard work for you, plucking the best of the best from the super web so you can go directly to the pre-approved good stuff...

Ghost Chat New England!!


From their website:

History, Mystery, Legends and Ghosts

Your "televixen" hosts: Cindy Corriveau and Nancy Krissoff-- Our motto----Diversity Rocks!

Time: Friday nights 7:30 pm Comcast Channel 14 and viewable online!

Stay tuned as Cindy and Nancy bring you local untold history, haunted locations, paranormal investigators, metaphysical professionals, professional psychics, local authors, musicians and talent : inspirational guests, a look at non profits we support and missions for humanity...the list goes on. Segments are taped on location for your viewing pleasure. Contact us at ghostlady40@yahoo.com OUR shows are now being catalogued in The Salem Public Library:)Many thanks to Susan McCusker!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sugar Bush (tm)- An American Patriot

You may have seen this photo before:

And you obviously have seen Sugar Bush (tm) countless times, since Sugar Bush (tm) is the World's Most Photographed Squirrel:

But did you know that Sugar Bush (tm) is an American Patriot?

Sugar Bush's (tm) MOM!

This lady is awesome- You need to check out her website:


Sugar Bush Squirrel's own site-
oh and plan a few days there- Kelly and Sugar Bush have loaded it with goodies!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

"The Budz That Drive Ya' Nutz""

Say, what are we all going to do with the "buds that drive ya' nutz"?

(Translation- Your friends that do things that annoy you.)

Regular readers of this blog will know that from time to time holders of a minority opinion (short fuse/ violence-as-a-soluion / revenge) log-in to our shared account*, and comment on a video that is offensive to them (and us).

It happened again, this time with a video called "Drunk Squirrel" on youtube posted by a Minnesota based group by the name of BigTimeAttic.

*we like it this way despite these kinds of issues.


That's the video, here is our first comment:


Did anyone point out that you misspelled "pumpkin"

The squirrel was inebriated, what's your excuse?

BTW, ever been to Los Angeles? Too scared, farm boys?

Come down and get your punishment, little men.

Seven minutes later, our second, much more level headed addendum:

Hi BigTimeAttic,

USC Squirrels regrets and apologizes for the recently posted comment under "USCSquirrels" on your video "Drunk Squirrel."

While we agree in spirit with the posting, we strongly disagree with the tone and with the physical intimidation implied.

note: By the video, looks like you know Final Cut or similar
program...are you familiar with the Spell Check feature of many of
those programs?

It can save you from a lot of embarrassment.

Something to consider in the future?

Monday, March 3, 2008


Did you ever wonder what it would be like to see somebody famous blow their nose, and then observe them check out what landed in their tissue?

Us, too. Feast your eyes on this:

This is Tonya Harding at the Burbank Airport in Burbank, California, USA.

We haven't flown out of Burbank, but we hear it's a great place to fly out of the Los Angeles area without dealing with the craziness that is LAX.

[Again, so we hear (or overhear, technically). We don't really leave campus, though through the internet, we globe trot virtually via the information super highway.]

She's also eating a sandwich and chips, we think.

Really interesting!  You must check this out!!

*********We would also like to pre-thank very much Mr. Geraldo and the good folks at Inside Edition for pre-allowing us to use this picture, and of course
Charles Main and his website, Tonya Harding on the World Wide Web

Here's the link to this online celebration of all things Tonya Harding:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


You will now be shown three unique images gathered from the web image search for "Phoenix."

You've been tasked to pick one that best describes the reaction you had when you saw that we had just posted after exactly a one thousand day absence.

The Bird.

This image is courtesy of our pre-friends, we don't know them yet but we like what we know so far... www.phoenixrisingsquad.com

The Map of Phoenix:

A picture of imaginary condo in Atlantic City:

PHOENIX RISING from fallowness

Exactly* 1000 days (or thereabouts, we haven't counted) since our last post,


We were silently patiently methodically not posting on purpose. Why?

According to our independent research (to be sure we're not affiliated with anybody, though we have a deep affinity for everybody), ALL GREAT BLOGS GO THROUGH A TIME OF NON ACTIVITY.

We believe this akin to the farmers of yore that let their fields go fallow. This deliberate rest helps make the soil (our case "blog posting") fertile.

*We love the word "exactly"- it connotes power and certainty :)