Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not this Again! Yes This Again!

Not this again, yes this again. (See post on 7/27 on the allegedly-inebriated-squirrel-photographed-at-posted-on-Flickr incident and the ensuing fallout)

OK, so we have another situation that we are including here as part of our policy of openness…not crazy about this whole situation, but as you know, we have a couple of short tempers in our group, and this kind of “humor” sets us squirrels off.

There’s a video out there that shows a squirrel flung from a homemade catapult. I guess some people think this is hilarious. We don’t.

And so one of us wrote this comment.

The first line refers to the site administrator’s note that comments are up for “audition” and for would be commentors to “polish our words.”

Dear Gizmodo,

Your asking us to "Polish our words" to "audition" to be a commentor? PUL EEZE!

The only thing we plan on polishing is that kid's ass!

Message to the boy-in-need-of-a-new-cruelty-free-hobby, you are notice, BITCH.

Come to USC (that's in Los Angeles) and try that...oh never been here? That's a surprise!

Watch your toes spineless ones!

USC Squirrels

Pretty intense, right, so then others of us followed up with:

Dear Gizmodo,

We hope this comment catches you in time, before you read the first post. USC Squirrels regrets the recent rash response to the above post “S.C. I.A.,Y.W.C.N.L.A.”

We apologize for any pain and / or embarrassment you may have suffered from this comment.

We don’t like that the post contained a threat, which we consider offensive in and of itself, and we are troubled by the foul language, which we think is a sign of small vocabulary, laziness and a lack of imagination.

While some of us in our community are offended by this video (because it’s pretty lame) we understand your right to display it. And we don’t feel that intimidation of violence solves anything.


USC Squirrels

And, then, we had to add something about how poor the video itself was:

Oh-one more thing:

On a film critique-y note, we’re no experts (though some of us live near the Cinema school here on campus), a few of us feel (content aside) this thing goes on just waaaay toooo lonngg.

As the late great James Brown says, “Hit and Quit It.”

Can you tell the person who made it that as hard as it is to cut things down, they are ALWAYS BETTER FOR IT. (e.g. Most director’s cuts and DVD releases with extended scenes suffer greatly from the “new” scenes.)


USC Squirrels

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