Saturday, March 15, 2008

"The Budz That Drive Ya' Nutz""

Say, what are we all going to do with the "buds that drive ya' nutz"?

(Translation- Your friends that do things that annoy you.)

Regular readers of this blog will know that from time to time holders of a minority opinion (short fuse/ violence-as-a-soluion / revenge) log-in to our shared account*, and comment on a video that is offensive to them (and us).

It happened again, this time with a video called "Drunk Squirrel" on youtube posted by a Minnesota based group by the name of BigTimeAttic.

*we like it this way despite these kinds of issues.

That's the video, here is our first comment:


Did anyone point out that you misspelled "pumpkin"

The squirrel was inebriated, what's your excuse?

BTW, ever been to Los Angeles? Too scared, farm boys?

Come down and get your punishment, little men.

Seven minutes later, our second, much more level headed addendum:

Hi BigTimeAttic,

USC Squirrels regrets and apologizes for the recently posted comment under "USCSquirrels" on your video "Drunk Squirrel."

While we agree in spirit with the posting, we strongly disagree with the tone and with the physical intimidation implied.

note: By the video, looks like you know Final Cut or similar
program...are you familiar with the Spell Check feature of many of
those programs?

It can save you from a lot of embarrassment.

Something to consider in the future?


Mr. Throckmorton T. Guildersleeve Mudducker IV said...

Always fascinating, ever delightful, consistently surprising....

Richard Johnson said...

Well put- certainly we can all relate to what you refer to in your post as "the budz that drive ya' nutz,"

Are you familiar with the phrase, "Pobody's Nerfect"?

It seems especially appropriate in this case.

Thanks as always for an insightful discussion of a topic that all of us modern people can relate to- you deserve an award, have you ever received one? It's something to investigate, but just don't attach to many hopes to pursuing it, because it can actually backfire if for some reason you don't receive it, and that isn't my intention.