Friday, July 27, 2007

Apologies to Flickr user A*A*R*O*N*, and to You, Dear Reader

Kinda wish we didn't have to do this, it's late, our eyes are swollen, we have an early breakfast appt. tomorrow, we would rather be curled up in a ball, but here goes-

One of more quick tempered of us came across an image on Flickr attributed to A*A*R*O*N*:

We think this is way lame, stuff happens and I'm sure the guy who took this shot wouldn't want his picture being taken and commmented on, but whatever...ANYwho. (Not to mention the legal implications of not getting consent of the individual, but we digress.)

So those that shall remain nameless wrote the following, and although we can feel their frustration, we don't condone goonish tactics. So, you can read the first comment, and then the follow up, and we apologize to A*A*R*O*N* and all the Flickr users out there, also as a warning, there's some language that's not suitable for our younger readers.

USC Squirrels (Unofficial- Unauthorized-Unbad) says:

Yo A*A*R*O*N, you're on notice, bitch. We're coming for you.

and then, once we were alerted,

USC Squirrels (Unofficial- Unauthorized-Unbad) says:

Dear Flickr user with the handle of "A*A*R*O*N,"

USC Squirrels regrets the recent rash response to your photo entitled,"Tasteless? Hilarious? You decide."

We apologize for any pain and/ or embarassment you may have been victim of based on this comment.

Also, we don't like that the post contained foul language, which we think is a sign of small vocabulary and lack of imagination.

While some of us in the community are offended by this photo, we understand your right to display it. And, we don't feel that intimidation of violence solves anything.

Kind Regards,

USC Squirrels

We hope we can move on and put this ugly incident behind us. Good night.


Mr. Richard Johnson, Pasadena, CA, USA said...

Kudos for your tastefull handling of this much distateful situation.

mr. richard johnson pasadena, ca, usa said...

I didn't mean to write "distateful," I meant to write distasteful. Sorry for the confusion, and congrats on the bloq.

Rich Johnson said...

Whoops! I meant to write TASTEFUL, not "tastefull."
Kind Regards, Mr. Richard Johnson

Rich from Pasadena (I know, again!!) said...

LAST ONE- Promise, I meant to write blog, not "bloq."

Thanks and sorry.

Fingers crossed that there aren't any more typos.

Here's hoping you won't hear from me until I have something new to say.

If not, I apologize in advance...isn't weird how you can easily fixate on something small like this, and that the fixating on this thing doesn't even ensure or accuracy- oh geez,

Do I mean "ensure" or "insure"?

This stuff drives me nuts, and I don't have my dictionary near me. It's my study, and I fear that if I leave this computer screen unattended it will go into sleep mode and then I'll be logged out and have to start this all again, which I don't have time to do.

I'm in kind of a pickle here, aren't I? Let's use the word "guarantee" instead of the whole ensure/insure thing and avoid any headache. Didn't Porky Pig do that? Everyone thought he was an idiot, but that was pretty smart of him (or her?), wasn't it?

Close Associate of (But NOT) Richard Johnson said...

This is not Richard, but a close associate that wants to remain anonymous (spelled correctly- check it if you wish)

Richard is an amazing man that is also humble.

He has strong points too numerous to count.

Like all true heroes, he is not perfect.

He has problems with typing, especially when he gets excited or nervous.

He mentioned to me that he would like to apologize for the typos in his last comment:

To be clear, his dictionary and grammar manual was in his study, and the computer is located in his computer room. This situation has been rectified.

I am very very proud to call myself a close associate of (but not) Richard Johnson of Pasadena, California, USA.
Can we please drop this whole thing now?

Throckmorton T. Guildersleeve Mudducker IV said...

Always fascinating, ever delightful, consistently surprising....

Bessie said...

You write very well.