Monday, July 30, 2007

This person needs your help, especially if you are very rich, very ill, live in SoCal and have no heirs

Just got underway in our BUZZ campaign and was sidetracked by this listing in the "items wanted" section of LA Craigslist.

This guy is on to something, but needs money (that's all he needs- money) It's a little intense, but that doesn't scare us...does it scare you?

After reading this, we have one question. If he got a B in one semester of chemistry, and he got a C in another semester, then does he have a B Minus, or C Plus average. We know we know, you think we could figure this one out since we live on campus (most of us, anyway).


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Date: 2007-07-30, 9:17PM PDT

If you have lots of money and don't know anybody who deserve it. I'll take it. I am honest, sincerely and nice. I'll use it to buy me my first home somewhere in Southern California. I'll keep the rest in the bank and start studying science at a local community college and transfer to a 4 year university later on. My goal is to become a pharmacist/medical research scientist and make the first true REVERSE AGING PILL. This pill will literally make a 100 year old man/woman into a 20 year young man/woman in about 80 years(reverse aging). Another thing I want to create is a TELEPORTATION DEVICE where you go in one POD sick and old and come out the other POD healthy and young. the TELEPORTATION DEVICE will filter out old the bad stuff. I am healthy, eager and determined male and I will make either or both. But I need some money to buy myself a nice home in a quiet neighborhood so that I can study and don't have to worry about working part time. I want to devote myself to study science. I do have relatively good science background where I recieved A on three semesters of calculus. I also took two chemistry where I received B and a C. Currently I cannot study because I live in a shabby apartment in a soso neighborhood where neighbor's loud music and dog barking interferes with my ability to study.

Thank you.

Location: entire southern california
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