Thursday, July 12, 2007

We announce that we will have a big announcement

We're very excited to announce that we will soon be making an exciting announcment about USC Squirrels

We've been swept up in the Girl/Lady Power exhibited by the news that the artists known as the Spice Girls (sic)will be touring.*

So, we've been inspired (we're not copying)to announce that we have an announcement- STAY TUNED

*All of us will be able to get to say hi again as well as well as sending them off in proper style.

(BTW When did Posh turn into an insect? Will she play her vestigial arms / wings? That would be cool!!!!)

The oldies among us remember some amazing times overhearing this music as spilled from freshman dorms in the late 90s.

Ziga ziga zah!

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Throckmorton T. Guildersleeve Mudducker IV said...

Always fascinating, ever delightful, consistently surprising....